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Runway Matchmaker Strategy

For New Models In 3 Easy Steps

Are You Struggling With Achieving Your Goals

  • Have a desire to be a model but struggle with self doubt, confidence, and fear?

  • Need to improve your skillset on the runway, behind the camera, and overall industry knowledge?

  • Need guidance and support with navigating the rough modeling industry?

Learn how I helped myself and countless other models through this same thing in the case study!

Happy Clients

"Being able to talk about what I've been through and ways that I can build my confidence, Brickell was able to talk to me and tackle that and be available to me."


"I do believe this is a very personal program and very informative and helping you get organized and understanding what you want to do and what areas you're good at."

Tika G.

"I came in very nervous, I was all over the place when I first started, I'm not going to lie but towards the end of the session I felt really comfortable. I felt like Brickell gave me all the tools that I needed to be successful. Brickell pointed out where I could improve in my walk and where I had strengths, which was really awesome to hear."

Adrienne M

Our Process

This Is How We Help Our Clients Get Results!

  • Part 1: Using Model Mentality To Your Benefit

    • Breaking down belief barriers of yourself and the industry. This helps you effectively create a vision of the future that you really desire.

  • Part 2: Determining Your Lane

    • Follow your dreams but follow with a plan! We use my MPRC Model Method to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in the industry.

  • Part 3: Determining Your Profit Path

    • We help you discover your profit path which will help you establish, find, and ask for what you want through your modeling journey.

About The Coach

Brickell French, Owner of the "That's Brickell' brand is a published runway/print model, Model Coach/Mentor, prior Spokeswoman for RVA Fashion Week, host, actress, and mother of an amazing son. This mom hails from Virginia and is a graduate of Old Dominion University and Strayer University.

Brickell let's her passion drive much deeper than just modeling, she is able to sow her personal values of positivity, self-worth, respect, faith, peace, and growth into the lives of everyone she works with.

With over 14 years (and counting) in the modeling industry; Brickell has graced the stage of many runways, judged on several panels, been featured in hair and fashion magazine spreads and even billboards in major cities over the course of her career. Her voice may be heard in various voiceovers, internet radio, and podcasts. She has been featured in various other avenues: hosting various events, music videos, and has acted as a main character in an award winning short film. 

Brickell has accelerated her reach even further by launching her Model Coaching/Mentorship Program. She seeks to inspire, encourage, educate, and shift mindsets through modeling. With her coaching and mentorship program she is doing just that!

Find more of what she has to offer below and on


Learn From The Expert

Interested In Working Together Or Having Your Business Listed On My Site?

Want Brickell For Your Next Project?


Learn From The Expert

Interested In Working Together Or Having Your Business Listed On My Site?

Want Brickell For Your Next Project?

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