Before she was a print and runway model – before she was a Model Coach – Brickell French was a young girl who overcame a health condition that threatened to limit her mobility. But sheer determination of spirit and drive shaped Brickell and she’s never looked back. In fact, modeling became a cathartic outlet.


The insidious nature of the beauty industry never stood a chance! Early on, modeling was a choice for self-expression—a way to radiate her personality and confidence – while allowing her to encourage others to break self-imposed and societal boundaries.  

Brickell was inspired to establish Majesty Modeling LLC after years of working in the industry. She noticed a disconnect and wanted to provide services that lay the foundation of confidence as a state of mind. She launched a party experience “so that girls everywhere would feel beautiful.” The experience uses familiar elements of an industry photo-shoot and runway but offers a few twists to allow each participant to receive a memorable and unique party experience.

Brickell’s transformation into a Modeling Coach was a gradual progression. She brings a spirit of thoughtful compassion that’s honed in a competitive environment. Brickell is a coach to men, women, and children on runway and posing. Her approach and techniques maximize impact regardless of a photo or video shoot.

Majesty Modeling LLC services are designed to build confidence and deliver change. Ultimately, Brickell has created a variety of majestic experiences for her clients. Although these experiences span a few industries they leave individuals inspired to “enjoy the moment” because there are no limits when you have confidence!


Brickell has appeared in numerous publications including Xtreme Hair Magazine, Shuba Magazine, New Face Magazine and others. In the fall of 2019, she was a featured model for The Vogue Experience Party. She continues in runway shows in Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York. Additionally, you may enjoy her outgoing personality via Da Blacktop, a Legacy Internet Radio show while utilizing travel services that cater to the fashion industry with a Majesty Travel Experience. 

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Photography: BossMade LLC